Roularta Media is becoming Roularta Advertising


From September onwards, Roularta Media Group’s national advertising agency, Roularta Media, will be changing its name to Roularta Advertising. The new name will be accompanied by a new baseline: “We Make It Personal”.

With this new name, Roularta Advertising is choosing to position itself more clearly on the advertising market. The previous name lacked a link to advertising, and advertisers were not always completely clear on the difference between Roularta Media Group, the publishing conglomerate and media company, and Roularta Media, that company’s advertising agency. With the new baseline, “We Make It Personal”, Roularta Advertising aims to reflect its personal approach and openness to the market.

Philippe Belpaire explains: “The change of name aligns us with the rapidly changing advertising market. Roularta Advertising makes it clear exactly what we do. The new baseline reflects our personal approach, openness and commitment. Roularta Advertising is the positive, accessible agency that is always open to customised relationships at all levels. Whatever the advertiser needs, we make it happen and we ensure it is personal as well, with consistent investments and data-driven audiences. Roularta Advertising develops new formulas and shows openness in its cooperation with other players.”