The future is native!

Native advertising @ Roularta Media Group
The content is the most important element. Roularta introduces native advertising: in line with the spirit of the magazine, written by the Roularta Brand Studio journalists. We create interesting content for the advertiser, aimed at the right target audience. There is no actual promotional content, it is more a question of a subtle association of the brand message with an appropriate theme. We use a plain layout to present a contribution with intelligent content, underpinned by the advertiser’s experts or by gripping testimonials that support the brand message.

Take a look at our content advertising charter!
You want to know what conditions your native campaigns have to meet? Everything is clearly listed per formula in our content advertising charter.

The services of Roularta Brand Studio
Cross-Media Native Advertising is undertaken by Roularta Brand Studio, a 100% Roularta department, specialising in the A to Z conception, creation and multimedia publication of both the content and form of branded content. From A to Z means that the Roularta Brand Studio team is involved in the entire creative and publication process of the Cross-Media Native Advertising: from the initial brainstorm up to and including the actual publication in the magazines or websites of the Roularta Media Group, or in another form. The way in which this unit operates is modelled on the way all of the Roularta brands operate and therefore includes optimal quality control.

Success factors for branded content 
1. Offer inspiration, provide tips.
2. Give something to talk about.
3. Try to add to the editorial content.
4. Ensure that there is an appropriate link (association) with the sender: the brand has to remain relevant. 
5. Be relevant.
6. Be subtle about the advantages of the brand (the content is more important than the commercial message and/or call to action).
7. Try to find the right balance between text and image.
8. If you are ‘always on’, you score better than campaign-driven branded content.