Concept presents a new way to advertise your brand or company by placing a video commercial into an editorial context.

The video only starts when it is displayed on the screen. The video has no fixed location, it opens while the surfer is scrolling down to read the article. Once opened, the text is pushed down. When the video is shown completely, it closes automatically and disappears. When the surfer goes off screen, the video is paused.


  • Guaranteed viewability
  • No extra production costs
  • Minimally intrusive: sound active on roll-over, format doesn't bother user experience
  • The reading rhythm is respected: no brutal change in the webpage
  • No waiting time to access to the content
  • Transparency for the reader: the word "advertising" is written on the top of the video
  • Great BRANDING: almost 3 out of 4 surfers who recalled the advertising would associate it with the parent brand (59% for pre-roll)*

*Advertising Effectiveness Study by Nielsen

Inread vs trueview

inRead video ads significantly outperformed Youtube's TrueView video's on Brand impact & perception metrics

  • inRead delivered 50% more purchase intent than TrueView (30% vs 20%)
  • inRead delivered 21% more brand recommendation than TrueView (47% vs 39%)*

*Nielsen's video impact & effectiveness study


200,000€40,000.0050%€ 0.10€ 20,000.00
120,000€ 30,000.0050%€ 0.13€ 15,000.00
Trends.be120.000€ 30,000.0050%€ 0.13€ 15,000.00
Weekend.be60,000€ 15,000.0033%€ 0.17€ 10,000.00
Datanews.be60,000€15,000.0033%€ 0.17€ 10,000.00
Focus.be60,000€ 15,000.0033%€ 0.17€ 10,000.00
Plusmagazine.be60,000€ 15,000.0033%€ 0.17€ 10,000.00
Sportmagazine.be25,000€ 6,250.0012%€ 0.22€ 5,500.00