ONLINE / Plus Magazine Tablet App



(One month - start on issue date of the magazine)

Plus Magazine is a monthly general interest magazine that reflects the variety and independence of its readers and the dynamic and positive spirit of contemporary people over 50.

The end result is a particularly attractive magazine presented with a monthly dose of highly interesting, practical information. Plus Magazine's strength is the way readers recognize themselves in a magazine which meets their particular and varied areas of interests.

In recent years Roularta and Bayard Presse have developed specific expertise in serving and approaching this target group. Various direct marketing techniques have been used to systematically increase subscriber numbers.

The Plus Magazine app is built into the support par excellence for 'young people over 50'.


  • Splash (iOS + Android)
  • Two interstitials (iOS + Android)
  • One insertion in the newsletter of Plus Magazine D/F (value: 2,000 euros)

Start date is the same as the magazine, end date is the date before the release of the new magazine.

Budget: 2,000 euros