Influencers and luxury


Social media have become an essential part of our society. 4,780 readers, across all lifestyle and women's magazines, gave an insight into their behaviour on social media and its impact on consumer behaviour.

Our readers and social media

Unsurprisingly, Facebook is the most popular social media channel, followed by Whatsapp and Youtube. The latter channel is mainly used to listen to music and watch tutorials or funny videos. The top 4 is completed by Instagram.

Zoom on Instagram

Respondents who actively use Instagram usually use the channel very intensively. 73% log into their Instagram account at least once a day. 29% even do this once or more per hour. In general, their interests are very diverse, but especially travel, food and fashion are very popular topics.

Impact of influencers

83% of respondents are well aware that influencers try to convince people to buy something they do not really need. They are more critical of products promoted by influencers. Only 8% state that influencers influence their buying behaviour. This is remarkably lower than the number of respondents who admit that magazines influence their buying behaviour (29%).

Instagram users admit, however, that occasionally influencers tempt them into purchasing something. This is mainly the case for personal care products, clothes and make-up.

Luxury purchases

In the second part of this survey, the purchasing behaviour of all respondents was also questioned separately from Instagram. Some results:

  • 1 out of 4 readers of Trends Style, Flair, Feeling and Steps attaches importance to exclusivity when buying clothing.
  • 1 out of 3 of the readers surveyed owns at least 3 watches.
  • 85% of Libelle readers like to use samples. 74% have already bought perfume after trying a sample.
  • 22% of the readers surveyed have bought a luxury handbag in the past year.

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