Travel behaviour of over 55s


Although we are becoming increasingly aware of the harmful effects of airplanes on the environment, we are not immediately ignoring this means of transport. This is what emerges from Roularta Research's large-scale survey on tourism. Although the car (84%) is the most popular mode of transport, more than two out of three 55+ frequently travel by plane.

People over 55 like to go on holiday. More than 40% go on holiday at least twice a year, 1 out of 2 goes away for the weekend at least twice a year.

They prefer to spend their holidays (at least 5 nights outdoors) by the sea (60%), in a sunny environment (53%) or in nature (52%). Going for walks is a popular activity among the over 55’s. 91% like to go for a walk on holiday. In addition, just under 40% like to go for bike rides during their trips.

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Source: Roularta Research, Tourism 2018.