What readers think of electric driving


This year in March/April, Roularta Research carried out an extensive survey of our readers' attitudes towards electric driving. We wanted to know what advantages or disadvantages they see, whether they already have experience with electric driving and whether they would actually opt for an electric car in the future. We also did an image measurement of 34 car brands. No less than 2141 respondents were happy to share their opinion with us.

On an average working day, 75% of respondents drive less than 50 kilometres per day. 1 in 4 doesn’t know a thing about electric driving, while 1 in 3 says they want to know more about it.

What are the pros and cons of electric driving according to our readers?

The top 3 advantages: electric driving produces less CO2 and other harmful emissions, it is pleasant and quiet driving and you have the possibility to charge your car at home. Since 55% of our respondents have their own garage, that should also be practically feasible.

The 3 biggest disadvantages associated with electric driving are: the higher purchase price, the limited range and the limited number of public charging points. The limited range is somewhat surprising, as 75% previously indicated driving less than 50 km per day by car.

This leads us to believe that this rather a problem of perception...

Maybe it would help if people gained some experience with electric driving? At this moment, 59% have never been in contact with any form of electric driving. On the other hand, 10% already drive an electric vehicle.

If consumers were to buy a new car today, more than half of them would consider buying an electric variant (100% electric, plug-in or hybrid). This indicates clear potential... Still, it is striking how much more resistance a 100% electric car evokes: almost half of the respondents swear they will never buy one, while there is more indulgence to buy a (plug-in) hybrid.

Finally, our readers indicate that they would be convinced of an electric car if the purchase price did not exceed that of an ordinary combustion engine, if it would be simpler to install a private charging station or if the superchargers along motorways were compatible with all brands (not only for Tesla's).

In order to offer consumers an answer to the lack of information about electric driving, charging stations, etc. and to guide them through the range of electric cars on offer, the Knack and Le Vif/L'Express news magazines are planning a content series on the 'Road to EV' this summer. This series starts with an intro article in which the results of our market research are presented. Then, week after week, various (car) partners have the floor, each with their own point of view & offer of electric cars.

We are happy to share our insights from this market research with you.