Are you GDPR-proof?


In collaboration with IRIS, Data News carried out a survey in January 2018 in preparation for the new GDPR regulations. 584 respondents participated and shared their experiences with GDPR.

Two thirds of the respondents (65%) have taken concrete measures within the company regarding GDPR. For 44%, GDPR is a subject for which the management is responsible and 34% indicated that they have set up a special working group. More than two thirds of the respondents sought external advice on GDPR regulations.

What do companies think about GDPR?

Many people consider the GDPR to be a positive step for the consumer. However, the responses were more mixed as to whether it is good for companies. The larger the company, the higher the perceived benefits of GDPR. Respondents generally felt that it will improve data security, but expressed concerns about the speed of implementation of the changes. The vast majority of companies take the GDPR regulations seriously.

How have companies prepared for the GDPR?

Two thirds of the companies listed the personal data present in the company. They were also surveyed on the practical implementation of various GDPR measures.

About half of the respondents confirmed that their company had implemented concrete measures such as restrictions on export, exchange and transfer of data. 43% take into account the "right to be forgotten" and more than half have appointed a Data Protection Officer.

Finally, two out of three companies have made small and great efforts to comply with the GDPR legislation and 7% said they had to make very great efforts to do so. It goes without saying that the larger the company, the greater the effort.

Only 1 out of 4 companies said they would be absolutely ready for the new regulations to come into force in May 2018, almost half considered they would be more than likely to be ready and 8% were convinced that they would not be able to meet the deadline.

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