CIM Audience measurement


The CIM Audience Measurement study measures the viewing figures for all TV-channels in Belgium. These measurements show that Kanaal Z and Canal Z, the only business channels in Belgium, reached an average of some 441,503 viewers per day during this month*.

On a weekly basis, both channels total some 1,837,989 viewers.

The varied and specialised programming from Kanaal Z and Canal Z have led to loyal viewing behaviour and have resulted in the channels becoming one of the biggest TV-channels in the country. We count 4,395,291 viewers per month, the two channels thus confirm their place in the complete television offer.

Both channels have passed several times the 700.000 viewers mark on a daily basis. This is the result of organic growth that the transmitters have registered in recent months. Kanaal Z and Canal Z were able to increase their offer to target the ‘Homo Economicus’, the entrepreneur and the manager; but also the self-employed person, the starter and the financially-aware person in the street.