A wide audience and stable distribution thanks to subscriptions

The CIM (Media Information Centre) is publishing today the results of its latest NRS (previously the press readership survey). This latest CIM survey uses a new methodology, different questions, and was carried out by another market research company. It is for this reason that the CIM stresses that the readership figures are not comparable to those of September 2015. In this NRS, the readership of Roularta Media Group’s media brands, as before, remains solid.

With all of its magazine titles, the “total brand currency”, Roularta Media Group reaches almost one in three of the Belgian population aged over 12 (social groups 1-4).

In the news magazine segment, the national combination of Knack/Le Vif/L’Express remains key, with a readership of more than 900,000. Bodytalk/Équilibre, its monthly supplement on health, psychology, moving and healthy eating, was included in the CIM NRS survey for the first time and posts a great audience of 260,626 readers.

In the business segment the Trends/Trends-Tendances and Data News titles are the uncontested leaders, reaching an unparalleled national audience of 382,797 Belgians. A second newcomer to the survey is Trends Style. This deluxe lifestyle supplement from the economic and financial magazines Trends and Trends-Tendances reaches 126,121 readers. The big winner in the Roularta portfolio is Data News, whose audience has increased by 12.7%.

A significant indicator of a magazine’s health is its distribution. The distribution of RMG magazines remains stable thanks to the high percentage of subscriptions, for a long time one of the group’s key pillars, resulting in high performing media brands.

Roularta Media Group continues to invest in its pushed subscriptions policy and in the planned development of its magazine brands; critical and objective quality journalism, state of the art retargeting data models and predictive solutions on and, high quality photography in the lifestyle editions, an innovative layout for easy reading, and a top finish for the special editions in a larger format, with a square back and on quality paper.These are in effect the magazine brands’ USPs: catchy narrative (storytelling), creativity, selectivity, commitment and multimedia offers, which make a success of every campaign.

All of the figures provided above are the readership figures of the “total brand currency”. To obtain more detailed figures, or those of other currencies, please contact Roularta Research.


CIM NRS 2018-2019 for Roularta Media:

Bodytalk D+FData News D+F, Feeling, Feeling & GAEL, Femmes d'Aujourd'hui, Flair, Flair D, Flair F, Focus VifGAELKnack Focus & Focus VifKnack Weekend & Le Vif WeekendKnack & Le Vif/L'ExpressKnack FocusKnack WeekendKnack, La Maison VictorLe Vif WeekendLe Vif/L'Express, Libelle, Libelle & Femmes d'Aujourd'hui, Libelle LekkerSport/Voetbalmagazine-Sport/Foot magazineTrends / Trends-TendancesTrends Style NL+FRPlus Magazine NL+FRRNews.

CIM NRS 2018-2019 for Roularta Local Media:
De Zondag, Steps, Krant van West-Vlaanderen.