Batibouw Digital Package 2019



Large and qualitative reach for Batibouw 2019

Batibouw is an annual trade fair in Brussels Expo for professionals and consumers in the construction sector. The fair attracts around 300,000 visitors over 11 days, of whom 75,000 are construction professionals. Batibouw 2019 takes place from the 21st of February till the 3th of March. Our unique digital package offers you exceptional conditions for advertising with impactful formats on our news and lifestyle sites in a qualitative context during Batibouw 2019. 

Online Batibouw conditions

(campaign period between 11/02/2019 and 31/03/2019)

Display packs

1. Display XL

  • News and lifestyle sites DU+FR:,,,,,,,, …

  • Reach: 1,000,000 impressions
  • Period: minimum 14 days
  • Formats: Billboard, Half page, Wide Skyscraper in rotation
Media value: €20,000
Package price (digital only): €14,000 (reduction of 30%) 
Package price (in combination with print): €11,000 (reduction of 45%)

2. Display L

  • News and lifestyle sites DU+FR:,,,,,,,, …

  • Reach: 500,000 impressions
  • Period: minimum 14 days
  • Formats: Billboard, Half page, Wide Skyscraper in rotation 
Media value: €10,000
Package price (digital only): €7,500 (reduction of 25%)
Package price (in combination with print): €6,000 (reduction of 40%)


3. Display tailor-made

In addition to the above mentioned digital packs, it is possible to work out a customized display campaign. Contact your Roularta Media account manager to look at the various options and to form a free proposal.

Content advertising pack

Dossier Batibouw on Knack/
On our news website Knack / we offer you the ideal opportunity to put your innovations, promotions, ... in the spotlight, during the Batibouw period. Via a publireport, you can inform our interested visitors with (re-)building plans by means of text and images (photo and/or video) and inspire them to make the choice for your product(s). You can also guide visitors to your website, Batibouw stand and/or point of sale(s).

Traffic plan

To guide interested visitors to your page, we provide an extensive traffic plan during the campaign period consisting of:
  • Teaserbox on the home page of Knack /
  • Partnermailing to 25,000 contacts DU + FR with an interest in (re)building
  • Display campaign via wide skyscraper (minimum 750,000 impressions)
The traffic plan is realised by Roularta Media.


In addition to the content via the publireport, you will also receive an additional branding campaign with a link to your website (or publireport):
  • One insertion in the Knack / newsletter with the formats leaderboard and medium rectangle sent to 232,500 contacts DU + FR
  • Display campaign with medium rectangle (250,000 impressions) on our news and lifestyle websites DU + FR
  • In addition to the publireport, it is also possible to provide branding via billboard and half page
Media value content advertising package: €12,425
Package price: €4,000 + €500 TC
*Cannot be combined with other promotions
To enjoy the Batibouw conditions, you do not have to be an exhibitor at the Batibouw trade fair.
Rates for partner fee, excl. VAT


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Source : CIM Internet Study, June 2018

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