Why we should all embrace magazine media


Because magazines offer quality and trustworthy content.
Because magazines can give proof that an ad has been published.
Because magazines can guarantee where an ad is going to be placed and what content will be around it.
Because magazines can prove with audited data, how many copies have been sold, who paid for them and how much they paid for each copy.
Because magazines have brands so powerfull they bring people to events, to buy their branded products, to pay for their content, and on a variety of platforms and formats.
Because magazine ads are not intrusive: readers see them as complementary info.
Because brands can use magazines infinite creative possibilities to stand out (in magazines anything that tickles the five senses is possible).
Because magazine-makers are storytellers by nature.
Because cross-media solutions in magazine media enhance ROI substantially.
Because magazines offer you engaged audiences.

As magazines evolve and expand into new forms and channels, it’s reassuring to see they still provide unmatched quality and relevance, so that the consumer demand for highly trusted, curated, quality content is still satisfied by magazine brands. No medium is more trustworthy and trusted than magazines when it comes to selling ads. Research proves that magazine brands help tell stories and sell products for advertisers. Magazine media builds brands and sell products in a safe and transparent environment. Consumers give feedback that ads in magazines fit well within the content, and that younger readers are especially receptive to advertising in magazines.