Summer offer 2019


Blessed crazy summer conditions on the way! In July and August we treat you to conditions that are guaranteed to warm you up: 1 advertisement entitles you to 1 page free of charge.

Here, You will find all the details on our summer offer, which is only valid for the formats 1/1 page and 2/1 pages:

Title Does not appear on Validity Promo
Knack Focus
17-07-2019 week 27 to 35
1 paid advertisement entitles the advertiser to a second and free ad in that same period**
Le Vif/L'Express
Le Vif Focus
Knack Weekend* 17-07-2019
Le Vif Weekend* 18-07-2019
Trends/Tendances-Trends 04-07-2019
Sport/Foot Magazine
Femmes d'Aujourd'hui/Libelle
Flair D/F
R News  
Plus Magazine D/F 1/1 page in the July/August issue (ID 20/06)  
+ 1/1 page in the September issue (ID 22/08) = 50% discount on both issues
Feeling/GAEL 1/1 page in GAEL/Feeling issue date 17/07 = 2x advertising space
2 X ADVERTISING SPACE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
2x advertising space, with a minimum investment of € 7.500,00. Valid for the following formats: Leaderboard (or Large or Big), (Half) Medium Rectangle, Half Page, (Wide) Skyscraper (subject to availability). 


LeadGen gives a generous 1+1 promotion on the newsletters during summer
Kanaal Z/Canal Z Both chains double your advertising space in July and August (valid for billboards and business brandings)**

* from week 26 to week 33, Knack and Le Vif Weekend will appear as a 16 pages dossier in Knack and Le Vif/L'Express.
** same format, product and visual
The summer promo is not applicable on Knack Weekend Special Black Knokke powered by Steps (issue date 24/07).