Roularta Media Group is continuing to grow its attractive target groups through strong media brands


Roularta Media Group covers 52% of the entire Belgian population aged 12+ with its total portfolio. The biggest climbers are Trends Style (+19), Knack (+16), Knack Weekend (+13), Feeling (+13), Plus Magazine (+13), Sport/Voetbalmagazine, Sport/Foot Magazine (+12) and Trends/Trends-Tendances (+11).

In the newspaper segment, Roularta Local Media and KW (Krant van West-Vlaanderen) are the most effective media channels for reaching MRPs (Main Responsible for Purchases, or main shoppers): together they cover 2.6 million Belgians, of whom 69% are main shoppers. This represents 1,811,350 people. These media are recommended if marketers want to achieve very wide coverage for their brand in a short time. In combination with regional implantation and activating power, these regional weekly papers offered by Roularta are an important asset for generating both brand awareness and store traffic. Deze Week, De Zondag, Steps and KW continue to make good on their promise of mass coverage and regional power.

Among Roularta’s magazine readers, the following target groups can be clearly distinguished:
business people and decision-makers, women and lovers of luxury. For these segments, Roularta guarantees coverage of more than 50%.

Roularta media magazines score highly for business people and decision-makers, women and lovers of luxury
More than half (55%) of Belgian executives, self-employed people, entrepreneurs and liberal professionals, i.e. 572,900 decision-makers, read one of the Roularta titles. Furthermore, all the RMG titles combined reach a good 61% of people with higher education (or 1,879,420 individuals). 
Moreover, the news and business magazine media collectively cover 1 in 4 men in Belgium, or more than 1 million men. Knack, Le Vif/L’Express, Trends, Trends-Tendances, Data News, Sport/Voetbalmagazine and Sport/Foot Magazine remain a particularly strong combination for informing male decision-makers, thanks to their combined coverage of 1,668,350 readers/internet users.

Roularta magazine media inspire women and lovers of luxury
Women clearly enjoy the Roularta magazine brands: More than half (57%) of all Belgian women read one or more of the RMG magazine brands, which means no less than 2,827,000 committed female consumers. Magazine brands such as Libelle, Femmes d’Aujourd’hui, Flair D+F, Plus Magazine D+F, Nest D+F score highly for women/MRPs with a selectivity of 154 and cover more than 1 in 3 of all female main shoppers in Belgium.

Collectively, all the magazines cover 58% of all Belgians in the two highest social groups. Thus Roularta reaches 1,343,280 people with considerable purchasing power, doubtless including the lovers of luxury. This is because more than 15% of the total RMG coverage is located in the exclusive social group 1. High-quality magazines in terms of both content and finish, such as Knack/Le Vif Weekend, Trends Style and Feeling/Gael offer advertisers the appropriate editorial context in combination with the right target audience that is sensitive to luxury products and experiences.

Roularta Media Group intends to further expand its media markets by investing in cross-media enrichment on all platforms, clear target groups based on the tried-and-tested subscription approach, gripping, truthful national and regional journalism, and last but not least, a high-quality finish and creative eye-catchers in its print products.

Source: CIM 2017-2018 total brand