Roularta Media and Edition Ventures create digital Women Packs


Roularta Media and Edition Ventures are the two leaders of the female press in Belgium. Together they are creating digital packs to tap into to the world of women in a simple and efficient way.

Guaranteeing a high-quality inventory and editorial context that ensures the advertiser’s brand safety along with the online viewability of the campaigns and focusing 100% on women, these digital packs are the ideal solution for high-performance campaigns targeting women.

Edition Ventures and Roularta present two targets:

1. Women De Luxe
2. Women

The Women De Luxe pack targets active women from 18 to 44 years old, with a high level of education and high buying power. It consists of the websites of F/D and F/D (Edition Ventures), along with the websites of and F/D (Roularta Media).

The Women pack targets the world of women in Belgium and, as well as the websites of,, and, it includes the sites,,,,,, F/D,, F/D and F/D (Roularta Media) and the sites F/D, and F/D (Edition Ventures).

Both of the two packs, Women De Luxe and Women, are introducing three offers:

1. Display (including video)
2. Dedicated mail
3. Native

With this joint project, Roularta Media and Edition Ventures aim to create digital solutions with a high traffic capacity for advertisers targeting the world of women in Belgium. There is a secondary benefit as well: enhanced SEO for the advertiser’s brand through a native campaign on the reference websites in Belgium.