Luxurious upgrade for Knack Weekend Black and Le Vif Weekend Black editions


Knack Weekend and Le Vif Weekend get a new look from 13 February onwards: more international, more luxurious, more innovative.

The first edition that will appear in the new style is Black Fashion on 13 February. There will be eight more Black editions this year. A while ago, Knack Weekend and Le Vif Weekend decided to introduce softer, more deluxe paper for its ordinary editions. Now the special Black editions are being upgraded as well. Why? Because the publisher is convinced that a magazine should be a source of relaxation and enjoyment, now more than ever. Taking time, not needing to hurry for a while, simply savouring the moment with delicious slowness.

The Black editions of Knack Weekend and Le Vif Weekend will look more contemporary than ever with their new fonts and a fresh, new layout with a well-considered balance between text and images. They will keep their large format and thick, matt paper as well as the straight back.

Knack Weekend and Le Vif Weekend attract an interesting group of readers: men and women with a wide range of interests who like to be up to date with everything that is going on. They get their dose of politics and cultural news in Knack and Focus; Knack Weekend has the lifestyle news they enjoy. They care about quality and have a high standard of living.

More information about the new Blacks can be found in this document