Krant van West-Vlaanderen restyled


Since January, the brand new Krant van West-Vlaanderen is published. 1 new provincial newspaper connects all West-Flanders with news from Bruges to Ypres and from Ostend to Courtrai. West Flemish stories, written by West Flemish pens, create a unique, West Flemish feeling of solidarity.

The provincial newspaper is complemented by 1 of the 5 local editions: De Zeewacht Kust, Brugsch Handelsblad (Bruges-Torhout), De Weekbode Roeselare-Izegem-Tiel), KW Kortrijk-Menen-Waregem and Het Wekelijks Nieuws Westhoek. From the waffle bowl of the scouts, the birth of a child to the decisions of the city council, the local newspaper informs the West-Fleming about what is happening in his region.

Krant van West-Vlaanderen brings even more of the good life of West Flanders. The new lifestyle magazine KW Weekend shows West Flanders at its best, with attention to fashion, gardens, parties and design. For their part, the KW specials highlight various topics that interest West-Flanders, such as tourism, care, real estate, ... Be sure to make a note of the KW Care Special on 04/09, KW Het Lekker Westen on 18/09 and the KW Vastgoedgids on 25/09 in your diary!