Knack 50th anniversary


On 18 February 1971, Knack rolled off the Roularta presses for the very first time. Almost exactly fifty years later, on 17 February 2021, we will be celebrating with an extra special edition. We will be looking back on fifty years of top Flemish journalism and formidable editors such as Frans (Sus) Verleyen and Johan Anthierens, Chris De Stoop, Annemie Struyf, Lieve Blancquaert (photography) and Rik Van Cauwelaert.

Knack will also take a closer look at today's media landscape, because the media are under fiercer attack than ever before. Is Western journalism in its own bubble and are journalists too left-wing? Is ‘fake news’ still a useful concept? And why does the Dutch broadcasting organisation NOS no longer dare to put its logo on its own cars? We answer these and other questions with opinions from Belgium and abroad.

A special birthday means a special discount, of course: mention the ‘Knack 50th anniversary’ to get a 50% discount on the normal Knack rate. But that's not all, all Roularta weeklies share the joy with a special action

  • Publication date: 17/2/2021
  • Reservation deadline: 04/02 – material deadline: 09/02
  • Print run: 98,809 copies (Print run Cim Brand Report 2019)
  • Number of pages: 96
  • Finish: straight back
  • Distribution: included in all subscriber packs (with the February 17 issue) + in separate sales with Knack or separately (available for 4 weeks in separate sales).