Flair shifts its DNA


At the end of June, Flair will be getting a whole new look. This new project goes far further than merely a thorough restyling, because Flair is also going all-out for a new and relevant position. More than ever before, Flair will be focusing on an inclusive society, in which everyone counts whatever their background, identity, education or origins and with plenty of space for youth. Welcome to Flair’s perfect imperfect world!

Besides a new colour palette and fonts, the photography will be upgraded and the magazine will get 4 major new editorial cornerstones: Talking Points about the big and small things in life, Self Love with positive photography and Fashion & Beauty, Gen Flair over the important decisions in life and Flair Chillax with the best going out tips and recipes.
Of course the whole project will also be rolled out digitally on the Flair website and social media channels.

The editor-in-chief, Eva Van Driessche, tells us more: “Flair is the biggest medium focusing on young women in Belgium, and it’s the most fun as well. We inspire and empower our target group with a range of clear and optimistic stories and opinions. Together we bring about change. Flair is by everyone, for everyone in the young target group. We want to make Flair even more inclusive, relevant and diverse. The young target group itself is in control. We are making our position clearer: there is a focus on the young target group (20-30) and a young, bold feel, so that we can reclaim the role of a pioneer. Flair is becoming more fresh and relevant, younger, more diverse and more colourful.”

To achieve its new positioning, Flair is working closely with NextGenity, the inclusive content marketing and research agency, founded by Sihame El Kaouakibi. Together we have the knowledge and experience to develop creative projects in the future for advertisers aiming at the young, dynamic target group.

The new project starts on 30 June with a special Self Love edition, in which Jitske Van de Veire will take on the role of editor-in-chief for one week. Real-life stories, inspiration and motivation will be used to show the Flair readers that they can be proud of themselves and to help them focus on their positive qualities. This issue will also present the results of our big self love survey with surprising insights, so don’t miss the all-new Flair!

There will be a special launch campaign for advertisers, with special conditions and mentions in the contest in print and on Flair.be. 

Have a look at our Flair video for more information: https://youtu.be/yp-d-8DElh8