Electric is the new mobility


In April we are going all out for e-mobility! 

On 8 April we will publish a large editorial file on electric cars, focusing on self-employed people and entrepreneurs. This removable insert with at least 24 pages will be printed on thicker paper and stapled into the centre of Trends/Trends-Tendances. Trends & Trends-Tendances’ business audience (62,000 copies – 307,000 Dutch and French-speaking readers) is wealthy and interested in the 100% tax deductibility of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids for companies and businesses. We will inform them about the electric cars available, possibilities for charging stations, total cost of ownership, benefits in kind, the difference in driving pleasure and so on.

On 21 April, in contrast, we will present a genuine E-BIKE Special for the very first time! This guide with at least 52 pages will have a straight back and high-quality, thicker paper. Now that electric bikes have taken off with the general public, young and old, for leisure or commuting, we offer them a guide to the different types of e-bike, accessories such as watches or bicycle satnavs, cycling routes etc.
This is why we have opted for mass distribution of the E-BIKE Special among the Dutch-speaking subscribers to Knack (highly educated people), Trends (businesspeople), Libelle (women aged 30-65) and Plus Magazine (active over 55s), accounting for a print run of 264,000 copies and impressive coverage of more than 1 million Flemish people, which is no fewer than 1 in 6 Flemings.