CIM Press 2018-2019 proves Roularta Media Group is growing


RMG is reaping the rewards of the subscription policy it has applied on and offline, with rising coverage figures for both business and women’s magazines. With all its titles combined, the group reaches 43% of all Belgians. Roularta stands for quality: each advertiser aiming for the higher segments of society will reach 1 in 2 Belgians in these high-quality target groups with the Roularta titles. The lifestyle and women’s magazines reach 4 in 10 women (38%).
The news and business press titles guarantee 32% coverage of all men, and 36% coverage of businesspeople and decision makers. That makes Roularta Media Group the market leader in all three target groups: women, business and high-quality

Strong growth in online coverage for Roularta titles
The CIM Press 2018-2019 provides growth figures for the internet coverage of all Roularta Media Group’s media brands. Certain magazines have more than doubled their visitor numbers, with Plus Magazine (+205%) clearly leading the field, followed by Focus Vif (+163%), Steps (+157%), Feeling+GAEL (+107%), La Maison Victor (N+F) (+105%) and Trends Style (+89%).

Women’s magazines and business titles are both increasing their coverage
Several national titles in paper+digital have also grown by more than 20%, such as Data News (+28%), Trends Style (+24%) and Plus Magazine (+22%). What is striking is the strong increase experienced by certain French-language titles, such as Flair (+29%), Femmes d’Aujourd’hui (+19%) and GAEL (+14%).

Roularta’s subscription policy has ensured that the national women’s titles are experiencing positive growth: Libelle+Femmes d’Aujourd’hui has grown by 5% and Flair N+F by 11%. Feeling/GAEL has maintained its existing level of coverage.
The R Women Pack enables advertisers to reach 42% of all women or 2.1 million readers (print+digital) with 19 inserts in a media plan based on Knack and Le Vif Weekend, Libelle, Femmes d’Aujourd’hui, Feeling, GAEL, Flair N+F, Plus Magazine N+F and Steps N.

The business media brands are also scoring particularly well: once again, Trends/Trends-Tendances has experienced good growth of 13%, now reaching 290,211 readers. The lifestyle supplement Trends Style is evolving very well with +24% in print+digital. Data News has achieved phenomenal scores in all areas with +28% in paper+digital readers and +49% in website visitors.

Knack+Le Vif/L’Express has remained stable and is still the largest national news title, with coverage of 776,641 Belgians. The other titles in the package, especially the lifestyle brands, are causing a sensation in the internet figures: Knack Weekend+Le Vif Weekend has grown by a third (+29%) and Knack Focus+Focus Vif by more than half (+56%). Sport/Voetbalmagazine+Sport/Foot Magazine has decreased by 12%, with coverage of 438,515 sports fans each week. The R News pack guarantees unique coverage of 1.3 million readers (print+digital) with the 6 Belgian news magazines Knack, Le Vif/L’Express, Trends, Trends-Tendances, Sport/Voetbalmagazine and Sport/Foot Magazine.

KW Krant van West-Vlaanderen has grown again this year
The West Flemish provincial newspaper has grown by +13% in print+digital and +60% on the internet this time, thanks to subscriptions.

Free Press creates growth in online titles and guarantees coverage of more than one million
The group’s Free Press titles have declined in print+digital but their internet coverage is experiencing strong growth: De Zondag +49% and Steps +60%. De Zondag reaches one and a half million Flemish people in print+digital. The network of bakeries is being extended to supermarkets, which will further increase coverage.
The regional lifestyle magazine Steps keeps more than 342,808 readers informed.

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