Krant van West-Vlaanderen


Media kit

Krant van West-Vlaanderen is a paid weekly newspaper, comprising 5 regional editions, located around the cities of Bruges-Thourout, Roulers-Izegem-Tielt, Courtrai-Menin-Waregem, the Coast and Westhoek. With more than 377,181 readers (CIM NRS 2018-2019, paper+digital), this weekly magazine is the most read paid medium in the province!

A team of 25 professional journalists write the various editions. More than 500 local employees go every day in search of news in the smallest villages and districts. In doing so, they are looking for much more than just news. They also attach great importance to the people behind the news and the value of local information. The reports are written in the style of Krant van West-Vlaanderen, with a good mix of good and, inevitably, less good news.

Life as it is. The weekly magazine is published every Friday, on sale for €3.80, and circulates for one week in the family household. All segments of the population and all age groups read this newspaper.

Key Facts

  • Circulation: 72.164 copies
  • RLP: 377,081 readers
  • Coverage in West Flanders: 30.7%.

Source: CIM NRS 2018-2019 / circulation: internal information