Online Native Advertising


Why online native advertising?
• Roularta’s most prestigious titles are launching their own native advertising packages online. 
• We bring you into contact with our surfers.
• We put your expertise and competences in the picture. 

How do we organise native advertising?
• Our ‘Information Services’ cell guarantees quality content (interviews, copywriting, translation, lay-out and final editing).
• Integration of your online native advertising and promotion via various channels (homepage, newsletters …).
• Enrichment (with photos, videos, info-graphics, white papers, polls) and possibilities for sharing on social media.
• All native articles are grouped by partner. 

Tips for a high quality, successful native advertising dossier
• The content must be written in the same way as an independent journalist would write, this will encourage more readers to read and share the dossier.
• Focus on the added value for the reader (not on the commercial message).
• By calling on the advice of an independent expert you increase the credibility of your message.
• Longer articles increase the time needed to read the page and increase the involvement of the reader.
• Use clear titles (such as quotes) in order to attract the attention of more readers.
• Images have a big impact: think about using videos, photos, info-graphics, etc.

Succesful cases of online native advertising
Contact us to discover the cases of Dessange, BNP Paribas Fortis, Bolero, Deloitte, Invesco en Renault.

What actually has to happen?
• You provide us with input for +/- eight articles and Information Services does the rest.
• We give you a ‘full month partnership’.

What visibility do you get? 
• Your name and/or logo appears on all communications.  
• Extra visibility via a multi-ad or take-over on our website. 
• Commercial inserts in six newsletters.

Native promotion:
• in our daily newsletter (twice per article); 
• in a fixed position on our homepage (two full days per article);
• on our social media (1 tweet/article); 
• via a teaser in the right-hand column over one month.

Rates Native Online Package*

Le Vif/ L'Express
Data News D+F Knack Weekend/
Le Vif Weekend
Announcement on the homepage, in the newsletter and promotion via Twitter  ok ok ok ok
Wide skyscraper impressions RON 750.000 impressions
€ 15,000.00
750.000 impressions
€ 15,000.00
500.000 impressions
€ 15,000.00
500.000 impressions
€ 15,000.00
Banner in the newsletter   6 insertions
6 insertions
€ 17,100.00
2 insertions
€ 3,900.00
2 insertions
€ 5,000.00
Widget on the homepage ok ok ok ok
Total value € 30,600.00 € 32,100.00 € 13,900.00 € 15,000.00
NATIVE PACKAGE € 15,000.00
+ € 4,500.00 creation cost
€ 15,000.00
+ € 4,500.00 creation cost
€ 7,500.00
+ € 2,500.00 creation cost
€ 7,500.00
+ € 2,500.00 creation cost

* Please contact our Account Managers for a native pack with an extra social media boost.