Trends Style


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Editorial Formula

‘Trends Style’ comes out 10 times a year with a powerful creative message for Trend’s readers on “the next big things to do, to wear and to have”. ‘Trends Style’ informs, innovates and inspires. Look & feel? Innovative and creative. Tone of voice? Cool, catchy and trendsetting.

This style bible includes all aspects of lifestyle. Here are just a few of the wide range of topics covered,  ranging from fashion, watches, looks & grooming, art & culture, architecture, interiors, photography, literature, cooking, shops, trips & travel, cars, technology, media and communication, sport, to action & adventure. And above all: People! Icons and idols. Events and happenings. Society and communities.  

Real, digital and social

‘Trends Style’ is printed on quality paper with a glossy cover. With between 68 to 100 pages, the magazine has the same format as Trends and the added bonus of a special report in the centre of each issue. ‘Trends Style’ is produced by Roularta Brand Studio.

Target audience: lovers of elegance from the higher social class

‘Trends Style’ is a leading lifestyle magazine for higher-educated men and women who have style and good taste. Consult the fact file for more info.

Key figures

  • Language: Dutch & French 
  • Frequency: 8x/year
  • Editor-in-chief: Ben Herremans
  • Day of issue: Thursday

  • Year founded: 2012

  • RLP: 123,000

  • Circulation: 58,382 copies (Print run Cim Press Brand Report 2019)

  • Distribution blistered with Trends-Trends/Tendances
  • glossy cover, straight back

Technical info