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Editorial Formula

For more than three decades now, Trends/Trends-Tendances has been the leading financial-economic news magazine in Belgium. It offers thought-provoking analyses of the latest economic news, and helps its readers to find ways in which to develop their careers or businesses to the full.

At a time when more and more media are limiting themselves to superficial news coverage, Trends/Trends-Tendances digs deeper, reporting on current issues at exactly the right time. The magazine proves that reporting on economics and finance certainly does not have to be boring, and that the economy has an influence on the daily life of every Belgian.

In the section MoneyTalk, readers can find essential information for improving their own personal financial situation. The broad range of subjects tackled every week ensures that the reader will always find the information he or she needs for making the right financial decisions in his or her professional or private life. 

Target group

Trends/Trends-Tendances plays an important part in business life. Its readership mainly consists of executives, managers, entrepreneurs and professionals. These people are in search of economic and financial information which they can apply in their professional life.

Key figures 

  • Language:  Trends: Dutch / Trends-Tendances: French
  • Frequency: weekly
  • Day of issue: Thursday
  • Editor-in-chief: Amid Faljaoui (F)/Wim Verhoeven (D)
  • Year founded: 1975
  • RLP: 307,061
  • Circulation: 62,466 copies (Print run Cim Press Brand Report 2019)


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