Editorial Formula

Nest is a home and interior magazine aimed at readers who love the country life: interior design, gardening, kitchens, excursions and travel. It allows readers to dream of a countryside rhythm, away from the madding crowd and the hectic lives almost all of us lead in reality.

Nest also provides inspiration and tips for days out with family and friends, or simply ideas for cooking a lovely meal together. Nest brightens up your life. Inside Nest, readers find lively interiors, seasonal recipes, exciting cooking ideas, inspiring gardens, tourist reports and much more.

Since the beginning of 2017, Nest has had a new look: the magazine now has a new layout and a new baseline, ‘The good life, indoors & outdoors’, but the core concept of the magazine has stayed true to its roots: home & garden, recipes, travel.

Nest magazine also includes a home and interior special four times a year in a larger format: 225 x 285 mm. The magazine brings out several other special editions as well: Nest Koken/Saveurs, Nest Tuinen/Jardins, Nest Kust/Côte and Nest Zelf Maken/Créa-Idées.

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Target Group: the 35+ creatives

The magazine is upmarket, targeted primarily at a well-educated reading audience of 35+ with free time and the means to use this time in a quality way. 2/3 of the readers are women. Nest focuses on a well-to-do readership (a readership of means) and has a typical interest in nature together with a positive way of life.

Key figures 

  • Luxury finish and glued back
  • Language: Dutch & French
  • Frequency: 10x/year
  • Year founded: 2002

  • Editor-in-chief: Karolien Van Cauwelaert

  • RLP: 460,092

  • Circulation Nest  D/F: 108,077 copies (Print run Cim Press Brand Report 2017). Remark! This circulation is an average and depends on the issue: larger size or higher print run. Contact us to know the exact circulation!


Technical info