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Format Advertorial 1/1 page Advertorial 2/1 spread Integration of editor’s text, 1/1 page
Subject Your fabric will be used
in combination with an LMV
pattern. Details of your fabric,
the pattern, your webshop and
contact information will be
mentioned on the page.
Interview with a lovely photo documentary.
The advertiser’s contact details
and website information will be
mentioned on the page.
Entire shopping page
featuring your products.
Details The advertiser selects the fabric.
The pattern is chosen together
with the editing team. The advertiser
makes the item in the chosen
fabric. The editing team will take
care of photography and work
together to write the text.
Max. 2 per edition
A La Maison Victor reporter will
interview you and you can
approve the text afterwards.
A photographer will also visit to
make images in your enterprise.
Max. 1 per edition
The advertiser determines the
topic together with the editing
team and supplies images in
high resolution of the products
concerned, together with
the appropriate description
and price.
Max. 2 per edition
€ 3,783
+ TC € 500
(editing, styling,
photography, layout)
€ 8,322
+ TC € 700
(editing, photography, layout)
€ 4,161
+ TC € 100 (layout)
The editing team can help with
photography if required, in which
case: TC € 600 (photography,
image processing, layout)

* Important: other countries: only covers change
Rates valid from 1 January 2018 till 31 December 2018

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