La Maison Victor


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Essential for contemporary, hip sewers and crafters 

La Maison Victor is a strong magazine with a close-knit community. It is a contemporary and refreshing alternative for a growing group of new sewers and crafters. La Maison Victor satisfies the need for patterns that are modern, fashionable and affordable. For the designs La Maison Victor collaborates with renowned Belgian fashion designers and experts. 

La Maison Victor is a 360° platform: the magazine has loyal fans. This is demonstrated by the large number of subscribers, more than 20% of the Belgian print run, and its fans on Facebook! 
LMV is a strong concept, both in print and online, with a webshop at featuring patterns and matching fabrics, interesting content and tutorials, ensuring that everyone - experienced or inexperienced - can start immediately with ideas direct from the magazine. 

La Maison Victor Fabrics, our own fabrics brand, was founded in 2013 and is now one of the premier selling brands. 
Every edition reinforces the community, via unique contests and lots of activities, and awakens the desire to start a new project. 
The editorial staff asks readers to send in their realisations; we put them online in the ‘Made by you’ section and the loveliest creations are rewarded.

  • These magazines are kept, shared, exchanged, placed in classrooms and taken to workshops. In other words the magazine continues to circulate.
  • La Maison Victor is the only sewing magazine in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany that offers contemporary and makeable designs with attention to presentation, layout and photo shoots. You will be associated with quality. 
  • New sewers are fashion-conscious women and men from 19 - 60+ years old. They have a sense of style and lots of passion in common.

Key facts

  • ​Language: Dutch/French/German
  • Frequency: 6x/year
  • Established in: 2013
  • Editor in Chief: Britt Guetens
  • RLP: 136,530 (CIM NRS 2019-2020 print + digital)
  • Circulation:
    Distribution Press sales points / Marketed in specialist business (fabric and crafts shops)

    • LMV - Belgium - DU: 21,000 copies
    • LMV - Belgium - F: 9,000 copies
    • LMV France: 30,000 copies
    • LMV Germany: 14,000 copies
    • LMV Great Britain: 8,000 copies

Technical info