Knack Focus


Media kit

Editorial formula

Knack Focus is a magazine for the 21st century, adapted to the digital world and available on all possible supports from the laptop to the iPad. Knack Focus – which is part of the family package Knack/Weekend/Focus and the Knack Extras – has the freedom to concentrate on anything of quality in the wide world of entertainment.

Knack Focus sticks its neck out and goes for those subjects that the editorial team is really behind, regardless of the actual star quality. The quirky choices, the care taken over substantive, valuable stories, and the focus on the way in which they are given form: these pay off.  

Target audience: young people with a broad interest in culture

The magazine is aimed not only at young people, but also at those thirty and forty somethings who appreciate culture. Focus Vif is the magazine for the modern man and woman. 

Key figures

  • ​Language: Dutch
  • Frequency: Weekly
  • Day of issue: Wednesday

  • Year founded: 2000

  • Editor-in-chief: Bert Bultinck

  • RLP: 278,776

  • Circulation: 98,809 copies (Print run Cim Press Brand Report 2019)

Technical info