Because we all just love to dream away at gorgeous home reportages, Feeling is releasing 2 editions of Feeling Special HOME in 2021, on 21 April and 24 November. The format, paper, look and feel are all in the familiar Feeling quality.
The emphasis is on plenty of atmosphere and cosiness in the home: in April we bring some radiant summer vibes, with attention for greenery and terrace. In November, the focus is on cosiness inside, giving us an immediate shot of seasonal cheer. A fashion and jewellery item complete the picture.

GAEL will also have a special report on ‘Home’ in its issue of 21 April and in the festive issue of 24 November. 

What the editors are planning: two peeks inside beautiful interiors, shopping pages, fashion item and so much more!

Key facts

  Feeling Feeling + GAEL
Print run 61.820*  99.770 *
Distribution in package with Feeling in package with Feeling/special file in GAEL
Reach 258.445 RLP**  417.520 RLP**
Readers profile 51,1% women
25,9% SG 1-2
35,4% higher education degree
75,4% women
32,6% SG 1-2
44,9% higher education degree

* Print run CIM Brand Report 2019
** Bereik: CIM '19/'20 paper + digital 

Issue date Deadline reservation Deadline material


12/03/2021 16/03/2021
24/11/2021 22/10/2021 27/10/2021


Gross rate 1/1 page Feeling: € 10,200.00
Gross rate 1/1 page Feeling+GAEL: € 16,860.00