Trends Manager of the Year



The Trends Manager of the Year has been an annual event since 1985, during which the Manager of the Year is announced. It is an initiative of Trends/Trends-Tendances and Kanaal Z/Canal Z. The candidates are carefully selected by a jury of professionals and have distinguished themselves through a particularly remarkable turnaround, continued expansion, a noteworthy innovation, an excellent balance sheet, a strategic regeneration, success on the stock market or a combination of these factors.

This event is the economic, political and financial rendezvous of the New Year. It is a wonderful opportunity for making new contacts, strengthening existing relationships and spending a stylish evening with other top managers. It is a high-quality culinary event for a select public of some 1,250 top business professionals. In 2022, the 37th edition of this prestigious event will take place.


Who will succeed Dirk Coorevits, CEO of Soudal, as 37th Trends Manager of the Year?
The editors of Trends and Trends-Tendances will present the title of 37th Trends Manager of the Year during a live event in Brussels Expo. 

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  • Logo mention on all communication:

- National image campaign in Trends & Trends-Tendances
- National campaign on Kanaal Z/Canal Z:
  > logo in billboard following announcement trailer
  > logo in billboard following the spot "Vote for the Trends Manager of the Year 2021"
- Website: /
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- At the reception
- During the academic part
- In the reception hall & the dinner zone

  • 20 VIP invitations (= 2 tables, at the centre)
  • 10 VIP seats in the auditorium at the start of the event
  • Parking pass
  • Projection 30” spot in the auditorium at the start of the event
  • Entertainment possible on the spot (to be discussed with the organisators)


  • Sampling brochures / luxury promotion gadget in goodiebag
  • Kanaal Z/Canal Z editorial team present the ceremony in prime time at 19h00 in the news
  • Logo in billboard following the spot: "Congratulations + Watch the report this weekend" 
  • Logo in billboard after “Special Manager of the Year” in the weekend following the ceremony. This Special will go out in a loop during the weekend
  • 1/1 interior page quadri in Trends/Trends-Tendances edition of 13 January 2022: this edition is distributed to all the guests in the goodiebag
  • List of those present (first name, last name, function)


€ 38.500

Practical information

Brussels Expo
Wednesday, 12 January, 2022 - 16:00